Ripton Rosen

Ripton Rosen

Ripton Rosen obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Elon University in 2016 and subsequently enrolled in the data science program at the Flatiron School from 2020 to 2021. Among his many talents are data analysis, SQL, Python programming, brand strategy and management, digital strategy, entrepreneurship, startup launch, and social media support.

Rosen has volunteered with New York Cares since 2012, working in juvenile recreation and food security. New York Cares is a non-profit organization that operates year-round initiatives to address issues including homelessness, hunger, educational inequality, and the environment.

Additionally, Rosen is an ardent writer who has published two articles on Medium. In one, he describes the operation of the machine learning algorithm Gradient Descent. On the other hand, he examines how the prevalence of sequels, spinoffs, remakes, and extant universes in Hollywood has led studios to acquire as much intellectual property as possible.

According to his biography, Ripton Rosen is the adopted son of real estate developer Michael Rosen. His extended family consisted of six boys from neighboring housing projects who became regulars at the Rosen residence. Later, with permission from their families, the family took in several of the boys and helped some of them attend college. This experience sparked Rosen's desire to volunteer with New York Cares to provide recreational opportunities for the city's youth and aid those needing nutritional assistance. Rosen currently resides in New York and is an investor, continuing in his father's footsteps.


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